Independance Day

Posted: July 5, 2010 in Spiritual

I loved this movie when I was a kid; this scene always gave me chills. Still does. The idea of all of Mankind finally putting aside it’s differences and standing together inspires me to no end. I often wonder if it would truly take us all recognizing a single, universal enemy. Why not a single universal Reason, a universal cause or good?

We have both. Our enemy is hatred, bigotry, selfishness and greed. Our universal good should be love. Personified, it is in God and all that stands apart from Him that we find this dichotomy. I’m not talking about religion at the moment, just the simple fact of hanging up selfishness and treating others the way we want to be treated. I could get into my beliefs concerning the War that rages in this world, the Dark One who seeks to sow dissent among our people and keep us from ever uniting or loving each other that way. I could go into how we made such dissent possible by allowing that Dark One to convince us that the good we knew wasn’t good enough, that God was holding out on us.

Let me tell you, any time I’ve gotten upset because I felt like somebody was holding out on me, I can say I was most definitely being selfish. It happens when you skip right past being grateful for what you’ve got and start thinking about what you don’t, and how much you wish you had it. I’m telling you, in the past two days I’ve decided to make an effort to thank God for all the things I possibly can that I’m grateful for. (Got the idea from Book of Eli, believe it or not.) Man, it changes the way you think. You start realizing just how much you just…assume you had the right to have. The crap you’ve lost the sense of wonderment or gratitude in but should never, ever lose such gratitude.

I bet the flood victims know what I’m talking about. Family, clothes, homes, food, water, TVs and electronics. Jobs. How quickly we go from being grateful to almost being malcontent, just because we assume it’ll always be there.

I’m not really making a point here, just…throwing stuff out. Trying to point out the fact that there is a real, tangible divide between Good and Evil, Positive and Negative, Selfish and Selfless. I don’t think selflessness is never thinking about yourself; I think it’s loving yourself such that you know what you hope and need for yourself, and in so doing are willing to make sure others get it because you’d hope they’d do the same for you. If we all did that, no one would have cause to be selfish anyway.

But of course it ain’t gonna happen. Not in this life. So till then we’ve got to be the ones who make that choice to treat others with love, the way we want for ourselves.

I ain’t saying anything that hasn’t been said before, and that’s alright. I guess I just want to see more of us, as individuals and parts of a whole, stand up and rebel against this shadow of selfishness and negativity that tries to rule us. As POD sang,

“Rebel against the I and bring down the self, mutiny me overthrow you; Rebellion starts within, the time is now.”

Do something. Make yourself independent of the oppression of selfishness, love somebody. Don’t worry about making it perfect; part of love is forgiveness and grace, for yourself and others. Just try. I’m trying to do that now, and praying every day for ways to be illuminated. If it’s not so clear, go by what you know, what you’ve been taught. If that’s not quite right you’ll learn. Just…don’t give up. Don’t go quietly into the night, don’t vanish without a fight. Live on, survive. Live and love.

Celebrate your independence day. Celebrate your life.


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