Stories, Empathy, etc.

Posted: July 8, 2010 in Life, Musing, Spiritual

Okay, before I get into the musings for tonight, have to say: Brave Little Toaster: best movie ever, period. Just got it as an early birthday present, and man. I missed this movie. It’s so ingeniously done! And such a great story of friendship and heroism. I’unno, I’m a nerd.

Anyway. I’ve been reading The Sacred Romance over the past two days, and my heart is burning in me again. As nerve-wracked as I am for my Third Dan test this Saturday, I’m already starting to look beyond it, at the God who’s romancing my heart. The book is honestly telling me stuff I’ve heard a thousand times before, but I’ve been reading Eldredge for years now. And yet every time I hear it, this message of the wildness of God, the depth and power of love, the danger and adventure of this Story we’re in, it smacks me in face as if I’ve never heard it before.

I find I’m like the prince in the Silver Chair, waking and wondering where I’ve been all this time.

And then tonight happened. My girlfriend went through some serious crap, and the Devil jumped right on it. I was all settled in and ready to chill out, watch a movie, and have a relaxed night and it hit the fan. If I hadn’t been reawakened, God only knows how poorly it all would have went. But I saw the meaning behind the pain she and our mutual friend were in, saw the love that drove it all, and was able to speak to it. More, in the midst of my effort to comfort her and encourage her, God suddenly swelled up in my heart and I poured out His words to her, since she was unable to listen for His voice on her own.

In one night, He brought her courage, broke through our friend’s illusions about happiness, and confirmed that what I simultaneously hope for and fear is true: He’s blessed me with Prophecy.

God above, that scares me. I don’t want to be that guy who pisses everybody off, or worse, shuts people away because I think I’ve got a private line to God. He knows I don’t. But it’s undeniable; when the chips are down, when my loved ones need it, He speaks through me in some capacity or another. It’s a gift made possible by love, by having empathy to other people. I believe empathy and love are the most powerful force in this world. The Hyperion cantos taught me that.

Which brings me to another thing I muse on often that Sacred Romance is bringing to the forefront again – how much and how often God speaks through stories. Of course our hearts are more ready to be brought alive, to learn to understand our own story, be experiencing others. The Dark Tower series and the Hyperion Cantos especially speak to me. I’ll be rereading them for my whole life probably. The power and tenacity of love and dedication, grace for those who have strayed, and the absolute power of empathy. All of these things I see more clearly through that lens.

In fact, tonight it was remembering the concept of Ka-Tet from Dark Tower that triggered much of what I needed to say to my girl tonight.

I think that’s one of the big differences from seeing thins as a collection of principles or rules vs a personal, passionate relationship with God. Anything in my life gives him a chance to talk to me, or me to him.

Anybody out there have thoughts on the matter? I KNOW YOU’RE THERE I SEE THE PAGE VISITS GOING FROM 2 to 4 D<


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