Thoughts about Penny and Greyscale Comics

Posted: July 15, 2010 in Musing, My Comics

So I’m working on my first couple of Penny Blood pages, and reading Blade of the Immortal at the same time. Never got into it before, but there was a 3 buck copy at Ms. B’s so I was like “Heck yes!” I gotta say I’m loving it, but I’m a little bothered by Samura’s random switching between pen and pencil. It seems to serve little narrative purpose. In The Crow, O’Barr uses the softer effect of graphite to give a moment a more tender feeling. So in Blade of the Immortal, I find seeing the random shift to graphite can soften a moment that didn’t need to be softened.

Anyone out there get the same vibe?

Anyway, I’m thinking of using a bit of that interplay of soft and harsh, graphite and ink for Penny Blood since it deals with psychological turmoil and violence. Penny is only one half of the character, you see, and the other is much softer in personality. What do you think, is that a good narrative tool or a distraction?


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