Hey there. My name’s Jordan. I go by Ionhelen (Ion for short) around here, though. I mean the net is no place for a normal name, now is it? Jordan? Pssh. A name created by bastardizing Tolkien Elvish? Now that’s interwebs-worthy.

Anyway, I’m a growing artist, Illustrator/Designer, a martial arts practitioner, and a thinker. And a Christian, which will probably be obvious eventually anyway. All my blog entries are usually pertaining to one or many of those topics; sometimes musing on my own life and experiences, sometimes musing (or pointing and laughing) at others.

Oh, I’m a nerd too. Big time. So there will be nerd stuff. Everywhere. Just a fair warning.

Anyway, I made this blog in an attempt to kind of distill my thoughts and experiences and whateverelse into something that might be useful. Or perhaps just entertaining or cool-looking. So I’ll be posting all kinds of stuff here – musings, sure, but also artwork, short stories, poetry, random babbling. If you happen to find your way here and get lost in all the hodgepodge, my apologies. I can be a bit of a slob, it’s true, but I’m still comforted by the fact that Aunt May says “all brilliant men are.” 😛



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