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Because in a fit of nostalgia I drew him. It was quite cathartic, honestly. I feel like God’s been rewinding certain parts of my heart, undoing damages done with “backwards mutterings of dissevering power,” freeing my heart as an artist and lover to Him again.

I pray I am unable to get in His way.

Why the jeans? Well, for one, naked furries scare me. For two, I always thought he’d be the type to wear bluejeans since he’s a workin’ man type of guy.


I Lied (again)

Posted: July 20, 2010 in My Art, My Comics

Alright, a little bit more info on the project. It’s going to be a compilation comic featuring as many artists as I can get involved; the goal is to self-publish a small graphic novel as a team, the proceeds going to benefit More on the plot and ideas once I’ve got it all 100% nailed. But for now, a sketch of the star, who has no name as of yet:

Yeah. This is gonna be awesome once it gets off the ground. Gonna try to work on it and Penny Blood at the same time; we’ll see.

Incoming: Penny Blood

Posted: July 5, 2010 in My Art, My Comics
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Just making the note that I will officially be starting my first ever webcomic, Penny Blood, hopefully within the month. I’m thinking I’ll be hosting it on comicgenesis. Mum’s the word on most of it, but more details as they come. For now, here’s a sketch of Penny herself. Say hi, Penny!